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This page was put forth, by Allaah's help, to benefit the community. Find Ebooks, Project Ideas, and other resources to support your child's tarbiyyah.

Free Downloads for your child

1. Pillars of Eemaan Quiz Book

Ebook compiled by EDIA students under the guidance of
Umm Maimoonah, Reviewed by
Ustadh Mustafa George

2. My journey to Arabic Words 
(Coming Soon)

Featured EDIA Projects by students showcasing their journey from Arabic Letters to Arabic Words. This is a guide for Beginners' Arabic Study
Releasing on 12th June

3. My Madinah Book Journal
(Coming Soon)

Featured EDIA projects  demonstrating Madinah Book Concepts using Creative Sentences. Brought forth by EDIA students
Releasing on 12th June

More Coming Soon..