Frequently asked questions

When was Everyday Ibaadah Academy (EDIA) founded ? 

EDIA was founded in 2020. We first opened our online doors September 1, 2020 with four grade levels spanning preschool through 2nd grade.

Which grade levels does EDIA plan to offer for the 2021-2022 school year? 

We have expanded our offerings to provide instruction for preschool through 5th grade students.

What are the dates for the upcoming school year? 

The fall 2021-2022 school year will begin Sunday August 29, 2021 and will conclude on Tuesday June 7, 2022.

What is the deadline for enrollment? 

Early enrollment for the fall 2021-2022 school year will close October 15th. Spring enrollment dates TBA.

What academic curriculum does EDIA use? 

All core subject classes use adapted Core Knowledge curriculum to suit the needs of our learners. The Core Knowledge Curriculum Series™ provides comprehensive, content-rich learning materials based on the Core Knowledge Sequence. Core Knowledge is a derivative of Engage NY.

What is meant by adapted curriculum? 

EDIA prioritizes the use of curriculum, resources, and materials that align with our philosophy, values as a school and culturally relevant pedagogy. As a result, we carefully adapt the curriculum that we use to ensure that the instruction and the materials we provide meet the needs of our learners.

Why does EDIA use the Core Knowledge Curriculum Series™ ? 

Students, teachers, administrators, and parents can all benefit from implementing a Core Knowledge program. Core Knowledge provides a coherent plan for learning that builds cumulatively from grade to grade. Although we currently only provide elementary school, the curriculum can help students build strong foundations of knowledge for success in high school and beyond. The curriculum creates a common focus that promotes teamwork and collaboration which is essential for helping students meet grade level standards, benchmarks and develop 21st century skills.

Is EDIA an accredited school? 

Our leadership team made the decision to apply for accreditation in the beginning of our initial year of operation. Currently, our school is in the applicant stage for accreditation with Cognia formally known as Advanced Ed Solutions. Cognia is a non-profit, non-governmental organization that accredits primary and secondary schools throughout the United States and internationally. Founded in 2006, Cognia represents more than 36,000 institutions with a total of 25 million students and 5 million educators in about 80 counties.

When does EDIA hope to be accredited? 

We believe wholeheartedly in providing the best education that we can for learners through the implementation of evidence-based and best practices. We are taking all necessary steps to achieve our accreditation goals by ensuring that we are constantly working towards providing quality school programs and continued improvement. As a result, we hope to obtain accreditation by the end of the 2021-2022 school year.

What does Cognia accreditation ensure? 

The accreditation process examines the whole institution–its policies, programs, practices, learning conditions, and cultural context–to determine how well the parts work together to carry out the institution’s vision and meet the needs of every learner. Accreditation isn’t about passing a one-time inspection. Rather, accreditation recognizes education providers that demonstrate and sustain their commitments to continuous improvement and better learner outcomes.

When and why does accreditation matter? 

Although accreditation can ensure academic quality at the elementary school level, it matters most that a school is accredited by the time its students reach HS. The choice to attend an accredited school can impact each student's ability to receive federal financial aid in the U.S. or transfer credit to a new school. However, accreditation doesn't ensure acceptance at a college or university. It is always up to an institution whether they decide to admit a student for enrollment based on a student's overall application which comprises grades, a cumulative GPA, academic portfolio or record, statement of purpose and letters of recommendation.

Does EDIA plan to offer Middle School and High School instruction in the future? 

Yes, we plan to offer a comprehensive preschool through 12th grade school program. At the beginning of each academic year, we will add on subsequent grade levels as we grow in enrollment and meet specified goals through strategic planning.