Accreditation at EDIA

Since 2020, Everyday Ibaadah Academy, has been a member of Cognia, formerly known as Advanced Ed, an accreditation agency in the United States providing accreditation and certification for many schools around the world. Covering a span of 125 years, with its legacy partners, Cognia™ accreditation and certification has helped schools to achieve measurable, and meaningful improvement for optimal student achievement and learning outcomes. As active Cognia members, EDIA is excited about our journey to provide the best educational experiences we can for digital learners.

EDIA is proud to announce that as of June 28, 2023 we are now recognized as a fully accredited school, having earned Cognia accreditation with NCA CASI, NWAC and SACS CASI. 
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Frequently asked questions

Does EDIA currently have accreditation?  

Yes! Early on we saw the importance of obtaining accreditation and became members with Cognia. This is because we take working towards continuous improvement seriously and being able to provide the best quality of instruction and services we can for the students we serve. In three years of operation, our team was able to successfully gather the data needed in order to analyze progress, procedures and systems at EDIA for self-assessment. We submitted documentation needed in order to share information about our school's improvement plans and identified efforts to meet compliances for quality assurance. This enabled us to complete the appropriate evaluations, training and processes needed in order to gain accreditation with Cognia. As a result, we were recommended and then approved for full K-12 accreditation.

How does EDIA plan to maintain accreditation? 

We have been assigned Cognia representatives which work with us to shape the improvement of our instruction and educational offerings alongside our accreditation and quality assurance advisor, Dr. Tahira Hoke. Dr. Hoke is an esteemed professor of educational psychology at Prince Sultan University with more than 18 years of experience in Higher education and works as a direct aid to the president of PSU. She has assisted in accreditation and quality assurance at the University level and is partnering with EDIA to help us meet and maintain continued accreditation goals.

How does EDIA being a fully accredited school help my learner?  

1. Qualifies us to grant US High School Diplomas for students who complete credit requirements.

2. Ensures that we aim to provide quality programs at the elementary, middle and high school levels.

3. Requires that we help students meet grade level progress, and achievements in all areas of study.

4. Displays as a school how we work towards continuous improvement in order to provide the best instruction and services that we can.

5. Ensures that our staff are experienced, qualified and trained in order to provide best and evidence-based instructional practices.