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About Us

Everyday Ibaadah Academy is a full-time, online private school that serves students in preschool to 9th grade living around the world.

We offer a comprehensive Academic Curriculum incorporating authentic Islamic Studies, Quran and Arabic instruction. Classes are taught by certified live instructors in the comfort and convenience of their home.

Our newly added Middle and High School program provides instruction for competency in skills needed to successfully complete grades leading up to a HS Diploma. 
Elementary School
Middle School
High School
Top features

Learning Experiences your children will fall in love with

Fostering Engagement

Curriculum helps students meet grade level standards and benchmarks for learning online.

Supportive Teachers

Live classes facilitate nurturing learning experiences which help to connect information to students in meaningful ways.

Global Learning

We provide instruction for students within the US and Internationally across all 7 continents and a variety of time zones.
Top features

Learning Experiences your children will fall in love with

Building Strong Foundations

Our middle school curriculum helps to ensure students are gaining the skills they need to succeed academically.

Create Competent Learners

Teachers ensure that live classes help to meet the needs of their students by providing supportive learning environments online.

Preparing Students for High School

Students are provided with the tools they need to develop into learners that persevere.
Top features

Learning Experiences your children will fall in love with

Shaping 21st Century Learners

High school students are provided with curriculum that helps them develop the 21st Century skills that are needed to succeed in College, Careers and beyond. 

Setting Goals for Success

Students are provided with an educational plan that is tailor fit to meet their individualized needs and help them meet goals.

US High School Diploma

Students can earn and transfer credits in order to help them obtain a US High School Diploma. 

The success of our students matter because the future depends on it.

Pre-K to 9

Grades Served


Average Teacher to Student Ratio in 
Academic Classes


Continents served with happy learners.

Enrollment Steps: Contact US Today!

  • Attend information session or schedule info-call
  • Submit online application 
  • Recieve email confirmation
  • Schedule interview with  team member
  • Get acceptance email and pay registration fees  
  • Take placement test if applicable  
  • Get books and pay school fees
  • Attend technology workshop 
  • Get email and platform access
  • Obtain schedule & materials list
  • Complete Getting Started with EDIA modules
  • Attend meet the teacher events


Do you have specific questions regarding whether EDIA is a good fit for your student? Schedule an info-call with one of our team members in order to learn details about our grade level programs, and enrollment. 

Information Session

Attend a live information session to learn details about our programs, curriculum, teachers, activities, and more. There will be a group Q&A facilitated at the end to help answer questions.

Why Enroll with Us?

If your looking for a non-traditional virtual school program for your learner then you've found it with the click of your mouse!

We provide Academic, Islamic Studies, Quran, Arabic, STEAM, Coding and additional live classes alongside project based-learning, and a school culture you wouldn't typically find as part of an online school.

Benefits of our Online Academy Program

Quality schooling, classes, and workshops for your learner

Evidence-based Practices

Our classes and programs provide students with quality academic instruction alongside the integration of tarbiyah. Teaching methods are based upon best and evidence-based practices to ensure that we are meeting the needs of your learner. Academics are based upon common core state, and next generation science standards. 

Globally Oriented

We offer student-centered instruction that can meet the needs of global learners. Teachers come from qualified backgrounds of expertise and experiences in order to support students from diverse backgrounds, cultures and languages. Live classes can be accessed in different time zones. Tools and resources are available 24/7.

Building Confidence

We work to grow confident learners as we partner with parents and students. Our aim is to help your child meet grade-level benchmarks, second language acquisition in Arabic, and cultivate an understanding of the Quran and Sunnah whether you enroll them in our online Academy, special programs, weekend workshops, or for tutorial support.

What our families say about us! 

It’s completely different than any other online school, the teachers are highly experienced, the classes are very interactive and interesting. Lots of hand on and projects.
However ,I find EDIA different than traditional online schools because it isn’t that teacher is delivering lectures and expecting students to learn. It’s highly interactive and hands on.
The content and mode of delivery is not mundane . I believe that’s the reason even kindergartners stay engaged and enjoy the classes with enthusiasm, Allahuma Baarik.
Edia has come to quite to a few of us parents. As a parent I did not know what to expect out of the academy as it was fairly new. However what makes it stand out is that it is backed my teachers and staff concerned regarding the welfare of student. The team is lead by a wonderful supportive Principal and amazing teachers who try to their best to cater to their students .Looking back at the past couple year, I see that my children have made a progress far greater than they would have made had they stayed in mainstream education. I do believe that responsible children along with parental support would be able to excel at EDIA In sha Allaah and Allaah Knows Best.
Engaging content
standard-based learning
hands on activities
100% student and parent support 

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