Parent Advisory Council

The parent advisory council (PAC) at Everyday Ibaadah Academy is a committee of parents helping to provide support and feedback to our school administration and teaching team. Members are vital for helping to provide ideas about types of school supports which can best support students and families, as well as assist with the coordination of events, and activities. The PAC helps to enhance learning opportunities for both current and future students, as well as serve as an aide to EDIA parents. Members serve as the "parent voice" by working hand in hand with school staff to close gaps and build bridges in our online school community. If you are interested in learning more about PAC please email our PAC Lead, Mrs. Umm Abdurrahman, at

Why become a PAC member?

  • To build a personal connection to the school
  • Wanting to know more about the school
  • To gain more experience
  • Networking with other parents
  • To contribute a skill or talent 
  • Wanting to help your child and others have a better educational experience
  • Looking to create change, improvements and much more as a stakeholder in EDIA!

Why do we have a PAC in an online school?

 Being online doesn't mean that we cut corners. Parent Councils have an important role to play in school improvement by ensuring that the parental perspective is represented and taken into account. 

What do PAC members do at EDIA?

  • plan activities and events
  • provide feedback for school planning 
  • assist with coordination of field trips and local meet-up's
  • identify resources that can benefit students school wide
  • assist parents and families with support