Welcome to EDIA

As we head into the fall semester of our third year, the administrative team is excited about the future of our budding global learning community. The growth of our school in two years has helped us to establish an online school rooted in student centered learning, partnerships with parents, and a vision to create meaningful learning opportunities that integrate academics with Islam for the sustainability of future generations. We invite you to explore our website, learn more about our global school, and what sets EDIA apart from other online elementary schools. 

About Us

Everyday Ibaadah Academy is a private Islamic based online elementary school registered in the state of California. We opened in September of 2020 with pre-k to grade 2. We our now in our 3rd year of operation and have expanded to offer grades pre-k to 10th grade. Currently, we are fully accredited with Cognia formally known as Advanced Education Solutions. 

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to build confident learners. Everyday Ibaadah Academy is committed to provide educational opportunities for diverse Muslim learners around the globe. We work to offer quality standard-based academic curriculum with the integration of the Quran, and Authentic Sunnah. 

Our Vision

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The vision of EDIA is to provide culturally relevant curriculum for diverse preschool through 12th grade global learners. 

We strive to meet these goals by:

  • encouraging students to have a positive outlook on life and diversity guided by the principles of Authentic Islam
  • providing sound Islamic education and academics alongside the development of 21st century skills
  • helping students identify ways they can become empowered to solve global problems and make significant contributions to society
  • fostering critical thinking, problem solving skills, and inquiry through monthly themes, classroom dialogue and project-based learning




Time zones supported

Who We Are & What We Offer

 Global Student Body 

Our students come from the United States and 10 additional countries. Students interact with each other in our online classrooms and collaborate for learning.  

Here are a few locations where we have students located:
Canada, UK, New Zealand, Africa, Middle East, Asia and India

 Teaching Staff and Administrators 

100% EDIA core subject teaching staff hold Bachelor Degrees, and a minimum of 3 years of teaching experience. 50% of teaching staff also hold certificates in CELTA/TESOL and have completed graduate level programs. 75% of our administrative staff hold post graduate Master level degrees, certifications, and credentials in the areas they govern. Special teachers hold certifications in the areas of Islamic Studies, Arabic, and Quran. Support staff members have completed various training or mentorship throughout the year which enable them to work as tutors or teaching assistants within our programs.

 Standard-Based Curriculum 

Academic classes use Core Knowledge in order to help students meet grade level requirements based upon common core state standards and next generation science standards. Also, instruction is rooted deeply in helping our global learners develop 21st century skills and to develop their characters as global society members. 

 School Culture & Community Building

EDIA is committed to providing an online learning environment that foster school culture and opportunities for global student interaction. Monthly school themes are promoted through a range of activities, projects, contest, live virtual assemblies and fairs. Topics this year will range from fire safety, healthy habits, dental hygiene, career exploration, transportation/STEAM, coding, financial literacy, environmental awareness, and Ramadan. 

Culturally Relevant Curriculum 

We believe firmly in providing curriculum that is culturally relevant to muslim learners. This is why our instruction, curriculum, and school events reflect the everyday lives and experiences of the students we serve. Our teachers aim to cultivate a positive connection of Islam in the everyday lives of our students with the hope that they become confident Muslims in today's global society. 

Authentic Islaamic Resources

We work to connect students to reliable Islamic resources, and information. All materials and resources used with the integration of the Quran and Sunnah are checked by students of knowledge for its authenticity. 

Principles of Tarbiyah

Tarbiyah is education and cultivation of Islamic principles. Our educators understand the importance of Tarbiyah in a students life. They understand that through learning experiences a child can be nurtured to develop an authentic understanding of Islam and individual relationship with Allah.

Engaging Content

We are aware that children are being exposed to many different elements which aren't conducive for their development. This is why we strive to ensure that content we design, use, and share is relevant to the everyday lives of our students. Curriculum and materials are selected with the understanding that it should be reliable, interesting, fun, engaging, interactive, hand's on and connect to learners in meaningful way. 

What sets us apart from other virtual schools?

Our live instruction provides a blend of traditional, hands-on, and project-based learning 

Creativity, Intelligence, and Authenticity is What We Foster 

Students demonstrate what they learn through a range of opportunities