New Hifdh Program

Our newly added virtual Hifdh Program consists of an intensive and thorough memorization of the Quran, with a strong emphasis on revision and the science of Tajweed 3-4 days a week. This program is designed to assist motivated learners who meet eligibility requirements with a structured program of support to complete their Hifz. Students enrolling in this program must exhibit the potential and capability to achieve results.

  • Engaging classes from home
  • schedules to support in-depth study
  • qualified female and male teachers
  • tracking and progress monitoring
  • Virtual learning environment
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Frequently asked questions

Is the Hifdh Program and Quran Classes at EDIA the same? 

No, we have standard Quran classes that students who are enrolled in our full program or QIA only program take as part of their regular schedules. Classes help students with standard leveled study, memorization and understanding of the Quran. However, the Hifdh program is a more intensive study of the Quran for eligible students hoping to complete full memorization of the Quran in a specified amount of time.

How are students eligible to participate in the Hifdh Program? 

This program is for a select group of highly motivated learners who exhibit the potential and capability for memorization of the Quran in its entirety. Because, it is a specialized track of study, students have to test into the Hifdh program. They must be able to meet a set of criteria identified by the QIA department for entry. Upon careful evaluation and test results a student can gain approval for enrollment.

Is there an admission period or can students enroll at any point in the year? 

Enrollment into the HIfdh program is rolling due to the nature of the program. However, there are limited spaces!

Is there an age restriction for this program? 

Students who qualify for this program must be at least 7 years of age and should not be a maximum of age 17.