Enrollment is Open for
Fall Academic School Year 2023-2024!

Early Bird Registration Fee $55 for Fall Enrollment

Late Registration Fee $65
after August 25,2023

Summer School Registration
Fee $30
 (Deadline July 8, 2023)

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Pay Registration Fees for Summer or Fall
10% sibling discount available 
Summer School-2023
Regular Classes $80 per Subject
& Credit Recovery $65 per Subject 
July 10, 2023 to August 10, 2023


August 27th to June 13th
Semester or Installment Plan
  • Total Semester Cost: $1,000
  • Full-Year: $2,000

KG-2nd Grade

 August 27th to June 13th
Semester or Installment Plan
  • Total Semester Cost: $1,150
  • Full-Year: $2,300

3rd-6th Grade

August 27th to June 13th
Semester or Installment Plan
  • Total Semester Cost: $1,250
  • Full-Year: $2,500

7th-10th Grade

August 27th to June 13th
Semester or Installment Plan
  • Total Semester Cost: $1,350
  • Full-Year: $2,700

Quran, Islamic Studies & Arabic Program 

 August 27th to June 13th
Semester or Installment Plan
  • Total Semester Cost: $1,000
  • Full-Year: $2,000

Individual Classes

August 27th to June 13th
Semester or Installment Plan
  • Total Semester Cost: $350
  • Full-Year: $700
Choose Any Option:
Islamic Studies
Skills Booster(Math or Reading/Writing)
Credit Recovery

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"What the educator does in teaching is make it possible for the student to become themselves."
Paulo freire
"The attention and environment you provide shapes your child's brain development for life."
Erik Erikson

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Frequently asked questions

How can I make payments?

Payments can be made according to your preference through Intuit. Invoices are sent monthly and/or direct deposit can be set up. We try to ensure that we have multiple options for you to choose from suited to your needs. We take all major Debit/Credit cards via Stripe, or PayPal. Contact us about need-based reduced payment options. Conditions apply.

What are my options if I have more than one child enrolling?

Supporting families is what we do! We make sibling discounts a priority when we set payment options because we know how things can sometimes be. Siblings are 10% off for the first additional student and thereafter 5%  for each additional student.

How can I make a payment for more than one child enrolled?

Payments can be made applying a discount code when you have more than one student using PayPal. If you need to use Stripe you can put in the amount you need to pay for tuition. Contact the administrative secretary Mrs. Madany at s[email protected] for the sibling discount code.

 Is there a registration fee for new and returning students?

Yes, all students registering for the upcoming school year are required to pay a registration fee in the amount of $55 per student due with your registration form. This fee is non-refundable and covers academic placement, academic records transfer and updates, data and analysis resource fee, and ongoing office tasks for the student. Note: the registration fee for families registering on or later than August 20th will be $65 per student. 

When is tuition due?

Tuition payments are due from September through June regardless of how many days are in the month. Tuition can be paid at the beginning of a semester, by installments, or a monthly agreement. The tuition collected covers your child’s instruction and helps with the overall operational cost of the school. We are not funded by any federal or state government agency. Therefore, your timely payments are greatly needed and appreciated. This fee is non-refundable.

Are there any national testing fees or qualifying exams which need to be paid for?

A one-time testing fee for each student grade 4 and above may be requested for national testing at a later time in the year. Currently EDIA has not administered national testing and as such this fee is not being collected at this time. Families will be notified in advanced about any testing/exam fees.

Do you offer financial aid or scholarships?

There will be limited reduced tuition financial assistance opportunities for the 2023-2024 school year provided to a select amount of families who can prove hardship with documentation. Currently we do not offer scholarship funds or sponsorship. However, we hope to in the future. Please contact [email protected] if you have an inquiry. 

What happens if I need to withdraw my child?

If for any unforeseeable reason, or emergency, a student's program needs to be changed or stopped between payment windows please notify us 30 days before next payment is due. A mandatory notice for withdrawal will need to be filled out and submitted back to the administrative secretary at [email protected]

What is a mandatory notice for withdrawal?

If a family needs to withdrawal a student due to an emergency, they will need to fill out and submit a 30 days-notice of withdrawal form. This notice must be completed 30 days prior to a withdrawing any student and for a parent to be provided with disenrollment forms by the school. A parent will be obligated to pay the coming month fees regardless of if they move to withdraw a student prior to providing adequate 30 days-notice. It is a family’s responsibility and due diligence to ensure that all proper notifications are made, and forms are submitted. A hold may be placed on transcripts, progress reports and report cards for any unpaid balances.

Do you have a refund policy?

We have a non-refundable cancellation policy. Payments fall under the following time schedule for the first semester; September. We accept full payments, installment payments or monthly payments on arrangement. Payments are due the 1st of every month for arrangements made on a  monthly basis.