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Three years in the making, EDIA is finally launching our Self-Paced Learning track to support grade 3-11 students and families that need more flexibility as they work towards earning credit and meeting grade level requirements. Students can complete academic subjects using our digital curriculum content. There is no need to join live classes and students are provided with opportunities to attend review sessions for math, exam preparation and benefit from bi-weekly check-in's with our learning facilitators. This ensures that students are making adequate progress towards completion of coursework. It also serves an opportunity for students to get help with assignments as they follow their independent study contracts.


hours/per subject

Criteria for Self-Paced Learning Track 

Students who meet eligibility to enroll in the self-paced learning track show evidence that they can be successful in working independently to complete grade level subjects. Student must have support at home from an identified learning coach which can be parent, tutor, or family member who ensures students are making weekly progress to complete assignments on their independent study contract. 
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Offered for grades 3-11
  • Study from anywhere
  • Monitored support from EDIA learning facilitator

We are here to create new possibilities

We aim to be at the forefront of customized learning and virtual education. By offering a flexible approach for students to complete grade level subjects and requirements EDIA aims to break borders and increase accessibility to accredited quality learning with built-in support globally.

Self-Paced Elementary School Program 

 We provide self-paced learning that sync's with our online classes and prepare students to meet grade level requirements and benchmarks. Students enrolled in the self-paced elementary program can follow along with our digital curriculum for a more customized approach to learning. Systems for support are added also to help reinforce a students understanding of subject content.

Self-Paced Middle
School Program

The self-paced middle school program helps students meet our on-going efforts to ensure that students are provided with a foundation for completing secondary educational requirements.  Students can follow along with the online classes using our digital curriculum and system supports for live math review days, writing workshops, grade check-in's and bi-weekly meetings scheduled with an EDIA learning facilitator.

Self-Paced High School Program

This customized program helps students working towards completion of HS requirements earn credit at a pace that is tailor fit for them. Students complete assignments following along with an independent study contract and our digital curriculum. Students are required to demonstrate and understanding of grade level concepts with attendance for quiz, exam, and review days. Students work with an EDIA learning facilitator to meet goals on a routine basis. 

Frequently asked questions

How can a student meet eligibility for enrollment in the self-paced learning track? 

Eligibility can be met by showing evidence of a students ability to be successful in school. A students transcript, last report card, and/or progress report can be provided. In addition, the student and parent must complete an intake interview with a team member.

Why do students have to meet with an EDIA learning facilitator monthly? 

This ensures that students are working sufficiently to complete class assignments, projects and/or testing needed to earn a minimum grade of a C or higher and HS credits. The facilitator monitors student progress and helps to provide instructional support.

What happens if a student doesn't make adequate progress with work completion? 

Students may be put on academic probation and given an opportunity to improve standing with completion and submission of assignments, test, or exams. However, if a student fails to do so then they may be removed from the program.
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