Pillars of Eemaan (Quiz Book)

Ebook compiled by EDIA students under the guidance of Umm Maimoonah, Reviewed by Ustadh Mustafa George 
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Islamic studies

Pillars of Eeman Quiz Book

Assalaamu Alaikum.

Alhamdulillaah, we are delighted to share with the community the beautiful work of our Grades 2 & 3 students of Everyday Ibaadah Academy (2021-2022 school year).
This was their voluntary end of semester project which was assigned in order to create independence in learning, enhance teamwork, build individual accountability, encourage the application of the knowledge learnt, explore creativity, prepare for real-life social and community work and to promote student interaction.

Allaahumma Baarik, these seven and eight-year-olds did a wonderful job by extracting questions from what they learnt during the semester. All questions were compiled by the students and we have edited where needed while keeping the originality of their work.
We thank the students and the parents for their enthusiasm and support in completing this project.
We hope this would benefit and encourage the children to learn the Pillars of Eemaan, In shaa Allaah.
Baarakallaah Feekum
Umm Maimoonah

 Names of the Students

May Allaah bless our students for their excellent work.

Ali Hassan
Abdulhayy Ibn Rahmatullah
Abdulqayyoom Ibn Rahmatullah
Zaynab Aqeel Ahmed
Mariam Omar
Jameela Omar
Khadeejah Eniola Oseni
Summayah Omar El-Saleh
Fatima Farah
Maryam Ramsheed
Zakariyya Wailly Crossley

(Grade 2 & 3 - School Year 2021-2022)

 Sources and References for Further Study

The sources for the contents were taken from "Nurture Islaam Pillars of Eemaan Workbook" compiled by Umm Maimoonah and reviewed by the family of Ustad Taalib Abdullah. The workbooks are based on Explanation of the Important Lessons for Every Muslim by Shaykh Bin Baaz Raheehmahullaah.
You may purchase the "Nurture Islaam Pillars of Eeemaan Study Guides and Workbooks" here