Principal's Weekly Message

As Salaamu Alaikum wa Rahmatulillahi wa Baarakatuhu,
In sha Allah this message finds you well.
We pray that your family is healthy and enjoying the fruits of Iman. Ameen.
In our efforts to become better and do better, we continue to seek out ways to provide learning experiences for our students. With this in mind, we wanted to recognize the 100 days of the school year.
We have been notified by our Islamic Director Ustadh Mustafa George that by acknowledging the completion of 100 days each school year it becomes a repeated action that could mirror the nature of an ‘Eid.

Ibn Taymiyyah wrote about the word ‘Eid: “The word ‘Eid is a generic noun comprehensive of any day or place which the disbelievers congregate, and every action they introduce during these time and places. The prohibition does not merely apply to holidays specified in their religion, rather it includes any time and place that they glorify that which has no origin in the Religion of Islam, as well as all actions that they introduce therein.” [Iqtida al-Sirat al- Mustaqim Fi Mukhalafat Ashab al-Jahim]

Ustadh Mustafa George reminds us with: “It is also well known in the Arabic language that ‘Eid is a generic term based on the verb ya’ood, meaning to return. Essentially once some celebration is returning every year, month, week, or the like, it is an ‘Eid.”
Therefore, we will not recognize the 100 days of school next year but will put some other fun and engaging activities in place for our students. Our intent is to highlight and champion the successes and accomplishments of our students’ learning. We made a conscious decision to allow classes to finish the activities started, however, next year we will present only activities that are Islamically legislated.
May Allah Ta’Ala grant us the help and facilitate for us the best online learning environment for our students, parents, and staff at Everyday Ibaadah Academy. Ameen.

A friendly reminder about Semester two Progress Reports: they go out the weekend of March 10, 2022. Please encourage your student(s) to complete and upload any outstanding assignments. Also, parents check with your teachers for deadlines for late assignments. They will not be able to accept student work after their stated deadlines. Please understand that they must meet a deadline as well
As always, we appreciate your partnership to ensure the success of our students and school.
Jazakum Allahu Khaira
E Jamilah Reese
EDIA Principal
The seeking of knowledge is obligatory for every Muslim