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Engage and Enlighten: Join Our Weekend Quran and Islamic Studies Program

Embark on a spiritual and educational journey with our enriching Weekend Program at Everyday Ibaadah Academy, designed to deepen young minds' understanding of the Quran and Islamic Studies. Our engaging Saturday and Sunday classes, from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM, provide dynamic, interactive lessons that cater to all levels of learners.
Our program uniquely blends traditional learning with modern pedagogical techniques, ensuring that each session is not just informative but also interactive and captivating. With a curriculum crafted for different age groups, younger students delve into the fundamentals with "My First Islamic Studies Book," while older kids explore "40 Hadith for the Muslim Youth." This approach tailors the learning experience, ensuring that it’s age-appropriate and impactful.
Expert instructors, including both esteemed EDIA teachers and notable guest educators, lead our classes. They bring passion and a wealth of knowledge, fostering an environment where students can thrive in learning the Quran and Islamic principles. Each subject is given dedicated attention with one hour of instruction per weekend, allowing for an immersive educational experience.
This program is not only a commitment to your child's educational growth but also an investment in their ethical and religious development. At just $20 per week for a single subject and a special bundled fee of $30 for both Quran and Islamic Studies, we provide an affordable option for comprehensive learning.
Slots are limited to maintain quality instruction and give personalized attention to each student. Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your child's weekend with meaningful learning. Enroll now in Everyday Ibaadah Academy's Weekend Program and witness their transformation through knowledge and faith.
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Join the Enlightened Weekend Program at Everyday Ibaadah Academy. Dive into the depths of Quranic understanding and enrich your child’s life with Islamic Education!
📚 Dynamic Learning: Quran & Islamic Education
For beginners and advanced students alike.
Featuring "My First Islamic Studies Book" for young learners and "40 Hadith for the Muslim Youth." for the older students. 

📅 Weekend Schedule:
Every Saturday and Sunday, from November 16th onwards.
One enlightening hour per subject.

👩‍🏫👨‍🏫 Our Educators:
Four dedicated teachers, both current EDIA staff and external experts.
Committed to nurturing young minds.
💰 Affordable Investment:
Only $20 per subject per week.
Enroll in both Quran and Islamic Education for just $30 per week.
🔍 Tailored Curriculum:

Materials selected for age-appropriate engagement.
Quran instruction customized to the majority's level.
👉 Reserve Your Child’s Place Now!
Limited slots to ensure personalized attention.
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"We saw a significant improvement in our child’s knowledge and enthusiasm for learning. This program is a treasure!" - Satisfied Parent